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Air Conditioning &Heating

You turn on your car's air conditioner and nothing happens. That is a dead giveaway that you need car A/C repair. There are other signs that indicate your car’s air conditioning system needs work. When something changes about your air conditioning, make note of what is going on. Does it match any issues listed?

• Low or intermittent air pressure coming from the A/C vents

• Puddles of coolant around the vehicle

• Warm air instead of cool (this is a big one)

• Unusual noises like rattling, banging, or loud blowing

• Musty odors

• Pools of water or the appearance of water stains inside the vehicle

Batteries, Bulbs & Electrical

Car's electrical problems can be a major inconvenience. Our experts can get you back on the road quickly! We offer convenient car battery replacement, headlight installation, and all of the electrical services your car may need.

We have a large selection of reliable and long-lasting Interstate car batteries which is America's number one replacement brand. You will be back on the road in no time.

Belts & Hoses

Car belts and hoses are some of the fastest wearing components on your vehicle. Engine heat, vibration, and moisture can cause these parts to wear down and break. We perform car belt replacements and car hose replacements all at an affordable price on every makes and models.

For most cars

- Timing belt has to be replaced every 60,000 to 100,000 miles

Brake Services

If you have an issue with your brakes or suspect an issue, we recommend the necessary brake repair to get you stopping safely Every time.

If your brakes need service, our experts technicians are equipped to perform any brake repair, including installing new brake pads, and resurfacing or replacing the rotors.

We work with The Best Auto Part Stores to get The Best Parts with The Best Price for your car.

Engine & Computer Diagnoses

No one likes to see the Check Engine light blink to life.

Each component has a normal operating range, and if the car component operates out of that normal range, the PCM registers the issue and stores it as a diagnostic code. This type of code is what triggers the light on your car's dashboard.

In Order to Know Why The Check Engine Light is On


Exhaust System

Starting your car, you hear loud noises and rattling coming from the muffler. Maybe you notice the pungent smell of exhaust. These are symptoms of an ailing exhaust system. Not only are these symptoms annoying, but they can significantly impact the efficiency of your vehicle.

Whether you are preparing for your biennial Virginia Emissions Inspection or are experiencing the sounds and smells of an exhaust system problem, our ASE-certified technicians are highly trained in inspecting and repairing exhaust systems.

We Perform Exhaust System Service Such As:

• Air Pumps

• Air Temperature Sensors

• Catalytic Converters

• EGR Systems

• Engine Gaskets

• Evap Components

• Exhaust Systems

• Knock Sensors

• Mass Air Flow Sensors

• Oxygen Sensors

• PCVs

• Throttle Position Sensors

Fuel System

From fuel pumps to fuel injectors to carburetors, we can fix any component of your vehicle’s fuel system. We also offer fuel system cleaning which includes servicing of clogged air filters – one of the most common fuel system problems.


• Difficulty starting the engine or accelerating the vehicle

• Stalling while driving

• Losing power intermittently

• Check engine light illuminated

• Rough idling

• Excessive smoke coming from the engine

• Noticeable fuel odors

• Decreased fuel economy

Probably It's Time to Check The Fuel System

Transmission & Drivetrain

A well-functioning transmission is integral to smooth operation of a vehicle. To prevent your car’s transmission from overheating, it’s important to have your transmission fluid changed at manufacturer recommended interval (every 48 months in most cases). This is especially true if you drive up a lot of hills or frequently tow with your vehicle. Our ASE-Certified technicians can not only change your transmission fluid using a specially designed machine, but they can also help you with transmission repair, if you experience a transmission problem.

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